Friday, July 25, 2008

Disney + Hyung-tae Kim (part 2)

This week's challenge continued...

Design #2: Alice

Enter Alice. I had the actual design specifics worked out in my head pretty early on with Alice, but I was having a hard time pushing the drawing where I thought it needed to go. I wound up cheating a bit with the sketch here, drawing it "normally" at first and then distorting it in Photoshop so that her thighs and torso became elongated and her head was a bit smaller. The effect is, I think, on the right track, but still falls a bit short. If I were to attempt this again, I think I'd have better luck if I didn't use a model.

Thus ends Weekly Design Challenge #1! Was it a success? Who knows! I had fun either way. Look for next week's challenge to be announced on Sunday!

P.S. My apologies to those of you reading the RSS feed while I work out some kinks. I'm still very new to this!

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lou said...

This is a great concept. I just now realized you have a lot of artist mashup challenges. This is sooo cool! Thanks again.