Sunday, July 27, 2008

Batman and Robin + Edward Gorey

This week's challenge:

This week I will attempt to redesign Batman and Robin in the style of American illustrator and writer Edward Gorey! (The Robin in question will be Dick Grayson, despite Tim Drake being pictured above).

Batman and Robin have been portrayed in many different ways since their inceptions, and Edward Gorey's comically macabre pen and ink illustrations seem like the perfect setting for the dynamic duo.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Disney + Hyung-tae Kim (part 2)

This week's challenge continued...

Design #2: Alice

Enter Alice. I had the actual design specifics worked out in my head pretty early on with Alice, but I was having a hard time pushing the drawing where I thought it needed to go. I wound up cheating a bit with the sketch here, drawing it "normally" at first and then distorting it in Photoshop so that her thighs and torso became elongated and her head was a bit smaller. The effect is, I think, on the right track, but still falls a bit short. If I were to attempt this again, I think I'd have better luck if I didn't use a model.

Thus ends Weekly Design Challenge #1! Was it a success? Who knows! I had fun either way. Look for next week's challenge to be announced on Sunday!

P.S. My apologies to those of you reading the RSS feed while I work out some kinks. I'm still very new to this!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Disney + Hyung-tae Kim

This week's challenge:

Disney Princesses tend to have classically "cute" and slightly "cartoony" builds; dainty hands and feet, tiny waists, large eyes.

Korean artist and designer Hyung-Tae Kim uses exaggerated proportions and elongated figures to create a distinct look. He also has a very distinct, painterly rendering style.

This week I will attempt to redesign Alice from Alice In Wonderland and Jasmine from Aladdin in the Hyung-tae Kim style

Design #1: Jasmine

With Jasmine, here, I thought I did a pretty fair job of duplicating Kim's painting style, less so his drawing style. There's a far subtler distortion of anatomy here than you'd find in one of Kim's designs. The face, I feel, is more accurate than the body as a whole. I had a lot of fun with this one, but I wanted my next design to more fully represent Hyung-Tae Kim's distinct aesthetic.