Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Avengers + Ashley Wood

This week's challenge:
I think it's been a little over a week!

Anyway, this challenge is a bit intimidating for me, because it involves one of my absolute favorite artists, Ashley Wood! I'm really anxious to see if I can pull this one off.

The Avengers have always seemed like Marvel's answer to the JLA, at least in my mind. The roster has been pretty fluid throughout the organization's existence, but The Avengers boast a membership comprised of some of the most iconic superheroes in the world.

Ashley Wood is an Australian artist who has established a career for himself in both the fine art and pop culture worlds. He has bold, exaggerated character design, and his work always has a fantastic energy to it. His palettes tend to consist heavily of ocher, sienna, and blue. A lot of women and robots are featured in his work (in fact, he recently completed a new limited series of Tank Girl called Tank Girl: The Gifting). This should give you a pretty good idea of who I might be featuring in the upcoming challenge ;)

I'm pretty excited about this, but just in case I botch this up completely, I'd like to apologize to Mr. Wood ahead of time.