Friday, September 12, 2008

Soul Calibur + Bruce W. Timm

This week's challenge:

Let's keep this blog moving!!

This week I had a really hard time coming up with a combination. I finally decided (after much help from my very patient twin, Lauren) that I wanted to do something in the style of Bruce Timm. Timm is a master at simplifying designs and making them sleek and animation-ready. So I wanted to take some characters that have slightly more complicated designs and see if I could channel Timm's magic.

I've been a fan of the Soul Calibur games since Soul Blade came out on Playstation. As the series evolved, technological advances have allowed for more intricate character designs. Even the more scantily clad fighters have lots of little details on whatever clothing they manage.

I am going to try to strip these characters down to the bare essence while still mainting an interesting and individual look!

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