Monday, August 11, 2008

Excalibur + Gary Baseman (part four)

This week's challenge continued...

Here we have Meggan. I have a soft spot for Meggan because she had the most interesting arc in of one of the very first Excaliburs I ever read (this one). Plus, she was co-created by Alan Moore. It doesn't get much better!

Meggan is immensely powerful, but she's also so sweet! With her design, I was toying with making her nude. Nature is such a part of her character, and honestly, most of Baseman's women are painted nude. In the end I decided against it for two reasons: 1., Even though I think the nudity fits Meg as an individual, I couldn't picture her scampering around naked with the rest of the team. (Not for very long, anyway) and 2., I didn't want her to be overly sexualized (even though the pose is not at all erotic). I made up the creature she's interacting with because I have no idea how Baseman would draw a bird.

I have one more surprise lined up for you guys with this challenge, so it's not over yet! I haven't come up with the next challenge, so I'm kind of biding my time. Plus I'm honestly having too much fun with these!


Mathieu.Lue said...

Hello Friend :D. Just wondering what this guy's done. Wikipedia doesn't show anything.

Mark said...

Great stuff, as per usual.


fireshaw said...

I just discovered your site through Dr. McNinja. Great work. I'm loving the blender.